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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Let's Get Listening

Parent Voice and Direction

Let's Get Listening - our parent voice and direction strategy - is essential in improving our school. At WHC we appreciate and encourage open and frank feedback and conversations in the spirit of positive school improvement. With everyone owning the positive direction of improvement and talking about what is happening, we can achieve the best for our community. Our strategy includes: 


  • Year group meet the head forums

  • Online 'Have Your Say' newsletter feedback

  • Parent view questionnaires

  • Parent consultations

  • Parental representation on governing body

  • Let’s get talking – mental health campaign


So... let's get listening, talking, understanding and improving.

Year group 'Meet the Head' forums

In Autumn 2020, WHC opened the 'Meet the Head' forums online via Zoom. These meetings are to bring together the parents and carers to ask questions and provide suggestions to the Executive Headteacher to improve the school. Our evening consultation meeting had over 100 participants. There is no question too big or too small - by acknowledging things that need improvement and aspects that are going well, the school con continuously improve #WeAreForeverRising. 

Online 'Have Your Say' newsletter feedback

Within every newsletter, we have a link to the 'Have Your Say' forum. Here you can ask any question anonymously and we will answer it publicly in the next newsletter (as long as it is respectful and reasonable). Below is a link to the 'Have Your Say' forum and an example of a newsletter showing how we feed back. 

Your opinion matters. Help us celebrate the good and to keep getting better.

Click here to let us know... https://bit.ly/35B6e2O or scan the QR code below.

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Newsletters - with Have Your Say feedback


Parent View questionnaires

Annually, we ask parents to complete a Parent View questionnaire. This provides an overview of our school. The results of Summer 2021 Parent View will be published here.


Parent Consultations

School Cloud Systems - Bett Show at ExCeL London | The World's Leading  Education Technology Show

From Spring 2021, we use School Cloud for online video meetings due to social distancing/lockdown - this allows parents to meet teachers online with a 10 minute bookable slot. It keeps meetings to time and ensures that face to face meetings can be made using multiple devices. It is also easy to use - making the whole experience easier for parents and carers.

Parental representation on governing body

We have two parent governors (as listed on the governors page). Their role is:

  • To bring a parental perspective to the issues discussed – they are not there to speak 'on behalf' of the parent body
  • No different from those of other governors

Note: parents are elected to the board, not appointed (unless there are fewer candidates than vacancies).

Parent governors are on the board to communicate a parent's perspective. They are not there to speak on behalf of parents but to help the board understand a parent's viewpoint. This will help the board make good decisions and maintain a link between governance and the parent community.

To support parent governors, please remember that they are not there to: 

  • Speak on your behalf
  • Bring up individual issues in meetings
  • Solve problems for you

If you have any issues, please either use the Have Your Say, Meet the Head forum, call the school directly, email or book an appointment with the appropriate member of staff.


Let's Get Talking - 2021 mental health campaign

Let's Get Talking focuses on our community talking about the bigger questions that can affect our mental health. Each month in 2021 we will be bringing you a BIG QUESTION - this will be discussed in school and also at home. As a family it will be beneficial to also take part in family discussions. Our first BIG QUESTION was released late January 2021 to launch Children's Mental Health Week.