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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Let's Get Building

EYFS Parent Engagement Programme


Let's Get Building is our EYFS (Early Years) Parent Engagement Programme. For parents with children in nursery and EYFS - this is your starting place!


In this section you will find information about the following aspects to our offer:


  • Early Years core steps programme
  • Parent-Child Lego challenge
  • Tapestry app support
  • Mystery adult
  • 365 things to do with your little ones


So... 'Let's Get Building' the foundations for your children becoming lifelong learners.


Early Years Core Steps Programme

Wondering what else you can do at home to help with early reading, writing and mathematics? Our exclusive Early Years Core Steps Programme will talk you through the fundamental stages and activities that will help. This will be available when we reopen to all children.


Parent-Child Lego Challenge - coming soon

At WHC we have an immersive LEGO experience for parents and carers. Why not book in to experience time with your child!? You can even build on the walls! Taking part in a session not only provides some quality 1:1 time and bonding experience through different challenges, it also helps your child with: 

  • focus and concentrationa great opportunity to learn how to concentrate on one specific task for an extended period of time and see immediate results. 
  • increasing spatial awareness - being aware of space around them and understanding shapes, sizes, balance and symmetry
  • developing fine motor skills - using their fingers for small precise movements
  • encouraging lateral thinking and creative problem solvingretracing their steps, finding the problem, and then figuring out how to fix it.
  • inspiring experimentation and adventure - learn to go from excitement to disappointment to perseverance to accomplishment in a low-pressure environment.
  • teaching organisational skills and patience - our challenges require planning, organising, and follow through, which are vital skills that transfer to every goal-oriented action in an adult or child’s life.
  • better communication and teamwork - studies have shown that the ongoing use of Lego can  increase language use and attention in younger children.

 father-son-stormtrooper.jpg (641×420) | Darth vader lego, Lego star wars, Star  wars

In our Lego World... EVERYTHING... every experience... IS AWESOME! 



Tapestry app Support

Tapestry - Log In

At WHC we use Tapestry to let you know what is happening with your child's learning. We also use it if a class bubble needs to isolate too. The great thing about this is that our staff are fantastic at using this to give you high quality sessions through videos and activities. If you need any help with using the app, please contact the school directly and we can provide telephone support (call the school and select option 2), online support via Tapestry with your class teacher or email support (email office@whc.netacademies.net) to get you back on track.


Mystery Adult

If you would like to get even more involved in the early year experience, why not sign up to be a 'mystery adult'! Surprise your loved one with a secret visit to share something with the class. Extended family e.g. grandparents are also welcome. Simply let your child's teacher know at the end of the day.


365 Things To Do With Your Little Ones

Wondering what to do today? Here are 366 (yes we have planned for the leap year) ideas for you! Just remember, 'it's all about the relationships. It's all about making those memories'. So have fun, pick one and bond together! We would love it if you could share with us some of your golden memories too! 

Oh... and then there's our EARLY YEARS WORLD too!...